Thursday, June 26, 2014


My new moral patch.  Searched forever for this. 
Someday, someone will translate it.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Range Report.

It's not a big range report. I only had 40 rounds of M1 Carbine ammo total. But here it is. 5 rounds to make sure it wasn't gonna blow up in my face. 5 rounds at 100 yd setting and 5 rounds at the 300 yd. setting.
This is set to the 100 yd. detent on the sight.  This is also at 15 yds. and not 25. So, according to my handy-dandy ballistic calculator, that group is .2" lower than it would be at 25. But with that factored in, she's still shooting a might bit low. But not enough for me to worry or do anything about it.
And this is same distance at the 300 yd detent on the sight.
Again, according to my magic slide rule.... no, not that one. The one for ballistic calculations, that's about right.
So overall, both settings grouped nicely on the target, the rifle functioned flawlessly and I have 25 rounds left.  On a side note, when I printed these out the bottom dashed line came out to 3.5" long.  I think it's supposed to be 4" OAL. But I don't have the original TM to make sure. 
Yes, I see the one flyer on each. Shuddup.... Shaddup shudding up.

Friday, June 20, 2014

New Acquisition

So, thinking I would be out bid on an auction, I bid on a rifle at 5 bucks over the opening price. And No One Else Bid On It for the entire 14 days it was up.... :-/
Go. Team. Me... I guess.
Meet my newest. Everything I checked on it says it's all correct Saginaw parts except the Winchester slide and an unmarked bolt.
It's the correct early 2 rivet wood, but there's no proof marks or manufacturers marks on it. So, that's a guess too.
Serial number puts it in the early production contract, but it has a type II rear sight, although correct for Saginaw. The barrel, recoil pad and receiver are all Saginaw and appear to be original.
It's a bit of a conundrum.
No pitting anywhere that I can see it. And the no rust either. All in all, I think I scored a very good carbine at a nice price.
Anyway pic:


Saturday, June 7, 2014

You have to give props...

Where props are due.

He sure can take any situation and make it about himself. For good or ill.

Monday, June 2, 2014

This is my shocked face....


So, the great 0 broke another law and everyone (not a drone) is all up in arms.

Oh come on you guys, he just broke that one little law, it was just a little one, that he signed, but he totally made a note that he thought it restricted him too much, so there's that. And... he totally had a good reason and was kinda rushed, so that counts too. Because who hasn't sped when they were rushed on the road, amirite? And it's not like the 5 guys he let go weren't the worst of the worst or anything. And we won't see any other kidnappings of US servicemen overseas now because they totally pink swore. honest injun, but not in a racist way.
< / sarcasm >

Thursday, May 22, 2014

You know it's summer in Texas.....

You know it's summer in Texas when you can take a shower with only the cold water running and still get a hot shower. It's not there yet, but we're rolling that way with gusto.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gun store find of the month.

Okay. I seem to have the best luck finding the odd and rare firearm at the mom and pop gun stores in the little mom and pop towns.  That's my dirty little secret.  Evidenced by this little rough gem.

This is a Colt Police Positive Special in .32-20WCF.  Serial number of 113XX, which puts her in the first year of production, 1907-08. She has some patina and a few scratches here and there.  The bore and cylinder looked clean and straight. She still locks up tight too. There a gouge missing on one of the grips, but they're original.  I think I got a helluva price on it.

You see, there's this western wear store in the town "local" to where I'm currently working.  From the outside you wouldn't even know there's a gun counter inside.  But in there, they have a good selection of ammo, handguns, rifles etc.  With this find tucked into the display counter.  There's also a Chinese SKS in there that I might go back for. A Vietnam bring back by a local vet. That gun would be worth it just for the story there.

In related news, I'm seriously curtailing my firearms purchasing for a few months.  There are other big toys that I'm saving up for.  More on that later.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Some thing that's been bothering me.

When Ex-Mayor, Nanny Statist Bloomberg said he was going to spend 50 million dollars to create a grass roots organization, my first thought was that's not how grass roots works. In fact that's the opposite of how grass roots works.  That is exactly how astro turf works though.  Is he that much of a douche that he really thinks you can buy grass roots movements?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Range Report

Okay, finally got to the range with the new AR.  I forgot to take any pics, sorry.  But my initial impressions.

The gisselle trigger is like buttah.  For a non-adjustable drop in trigger, that this is a dream.

The scope is geardo giggle worthy.  I zeroed on the 100 yard range and I know that the targets were exactly 94 meters from the shooting bench.

The JP Ent. SCS is interesting. I don't know if it's absorbing more recoil than a standard buffer/spring system, but felt recoil was much less. Still shooting M855 62 gr. Green Tip ammo.

Speaking of, I shot 60 rds of M855, another 40 rounds of Armscor 62 gr, and 80 rounds of M193 Federal.  Not a hiccup or even a hint of a malf.

I have to say that I'm well pleased with this rifle. It's a keeper.

Oh, and I was getting between dime and quarter sized three shot groups at 100. But that probably because I forgot my sandbags and I was shaking a bit.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More gratuitous gun pr0n

Just a follow up to the post before last.  I finally got the rail adapter for the bipod.  As mentioned previously, it's a Harris bipod.  The adapter I finally decided on was the Rota-pod quick detach adapter.  So, now the bipod can both tilt and, when unlocked, swivel about 30 degrees left and right. The quick detach is nice. The thing is heavy enough. If need be, I can quickly take the bipod off and stow it.

And finally, for now, I'm thinking of taking the A2 flash hider off and putting some sort of compensator on it.  But I don't know what's out there for compensators much less what are the best for the buck.

(click to embiggenate, of course)