Saturday, January 16, 2010

I wonder what their internet is like.

I saw this article today:

Health Care Mandate Applies to All -- Except the Amish

I immediately thought, that's a good way to opt out of that little piece of socialist agenda power grab.

But then I realized that;
  1. I'd have to find a different career. Flying jets probably doesn't jive too well with the whole horse and buggy lifestyle.
  2. What sort of internet connection could I get in an Amish community.

It's a dilemma I tell ya.


Crucis said...

Is it just the Amish or does it apply to Mennonites as well? I know a Mennonite that fly for American.

Actually, I'm against all special exemptions. It violates fair and equal treatment provisions of the constitution. The planned exemptions for Nebraska and Louisiana are unconstitutional. If passed, lawsuits are already prepared.

Farmmom said...

We have the horses. If we get the buggy do you think we can get an exception too?

Unknown said...

I qualify by just saying shove your free health up your a..

What if every one says no?

See Ya

Old NFO said...

Two tin cans and a string... and an Abacus...