Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sometimes they never learn...

I hear a rolled up newspaper works. But that's mean and the ASPCA would get involved.

I know this is old news. I purposely wait to let the real facts have a chance to come out. But there's no denying it now. The mighty leader of the free world, the commander in chief of the best armed force on the planet, the hopes and dreams of millions will bow to anybody. And I mean anybody. Last week he reportedly bowed to the Mayor of Tampa. A freakin' mayor. Not some other head of state, not even a governor of the state he was visiting. He bowed to a mayor. Hey, there's a position open for dog catcher in one of the rural towns near me. Maybe I should run for that so I can get the Presi-fucking-dent of the United fucking States to bow to me.