Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gun Pr0n, Surprise Edition

Saw this today at the fun store;

Yes, it's a glock. But before you say, "Wow, another glock..." and roll your eyes. Look closely.

Yeap. It's a G18. I giggled, I handled, I flipped the go faster fun switch.

I didn't get to shoot it. :(


Daddy Hawk said...

OOoo...sweet! Somewhere tucked away on the hard drive I have video of someone emptying a G18 with a 100+ drum magazine and a shoulder stock. It's enough to make a guy drool.

Keads said...

Nice! Shame you could not convert money to noise at an alarming rate with that!

Old NFO said...

Sigh....(drooling) Me WANT!

Mike W. said...

WOW! Where the hell did you stumble across that?