Friday, March 2, 2012

A Banner Day

As some of you might know, and more of you may have guessed, flying charter is really just a sort of taxi service. 99.9% of the passengers are your basic mix of humanity.  No worse or better than everyone else out there.  No one really any more memorable than the last.

It's that 0.1% that make my day.

Today gave me one of those memorable personages.  No, it's wasn't a TV or movie star.  I haven't flown one yet who'd I'd consider of the caliber of Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart or Humphrey Bogart.  And these people who are famous for being famous just baffle me.  But they seem to be able to support those half hour "entertainment" shows, so who am I to understand it.

Today, I flew a man that personally had a hand in a large chunk of the major political decisions of the US from the 60's through to today. 

Today I flew a man that escaped Nazi Germany with his parents only to serve in the Army from the Battle of the Bulge through to hunting down Nazi's in post WW2 Germany.

Today I flew a man that opened up China, defined d├ętente. and was a proponent of Realpolitik.

Today I flew the man that was the National Security Advisor under Nixon and the Chief of Staff under Nixon and Ford.

Yes, he's a controversial figure. Yes, many may disagree with his decisions and recommendations while in the White House. 

But you have to acknowledge that this man has had a major affect on countries and the lives of people all over the planet. Not many people, even those in DC currently, can say that.


Old NFO said...

Sounds like a good flight! Henery K is quite an individual!

Rev. Paul said...

He's quite a bit of history, right there.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully he was also a pleasant client. Most of the truely memorable people I've met have also been honest in their dealings with others.

Jennifer said...

That is certainly an interesting passenger

Julie said...

Definitely and interesting passenger!