Thursday, February 7, 2013

a couple of random thoughts on the state of our society.

So, I'm standing in line at the checkout counter at my local grocery store and I glance at the impulse rack. At the top is adult gummi vitamins.  And I'm left wondering why. 

Have we sunk that low that we can't, as adults, suck it up and take simple vitamins without lacing them with a spoonful of sugar?  I mean, I can understand children's gummi vitamins.  It's hard enough to explain to a little kid that "because it's good for you" is a valid reason to take something.  But seriously, if we're at the point that we have to do that for supposed adults, maybe it's time to rethink how we're raising people.


I've been hearing a lot of talk from the once and current swamp that is our nation's capital about Immigration reform.  They're talking of this reform. 

Now, I thought that if you were going about reforming some system, there was something broken with the system.  But the only thing that I can see that is broken is the government's willingness to enforce it.  The system was not and is not broke.  The system works absolutely as it should.  Which leaves me wondering what they're trying to cover up by calling it reform.



Jennifer said...

We no longer have adults. Just taller children expecting someone to take care of them.
In other news, you remembered you had a blog!

Robert said...

"adult gummi vitamins" because some people have to chew their pills in order to swallow them and regular vitamins taste horrid. I heard about gummi vitamins earlier this week from one of those people. She was quite happy about the idea.

Old NFO said...

They need to buy (more)votes, that's why...

Jon said...

The gummi vitamins are just far easier to take. I have had some jars of multivitamins that I just quit taking because they were the size of horse pills. My wife and I bought the gummi vitamins at Costco, and now we take them every morning, just chew them up and they're gone. Don't care one way or another about the sugar, they're just easier to gag down than huge pills.

Matt G said...

Right there with Jennifer: I had thought that you'd forgotten that you possessed a blog.

200 years ago, it was not uncommon for a 16 year old to be on his own, be married, start a family, go to war... now, that person will be treated like a child for two years and won't achieve full legal status until 21. Then, he's still got to graduate college. Then, he's not old enough to hold certain offices. . . .

We have pushed back the age of adulthood at a huge rate, yet the age of menarche has been plummeting for over a century. We are creating a gap between biological adulthood and social adulthood.

Adults admonish you not to call them "Mister" or "sir". People don't properly dress to go out. (I'm not asking for a suit and tie, but how about at least dungarees and tucked-in shirt?)
Being cool is more important than being adult. Why did that change?

In the meantime, Old NFO nails it-- there are a bunch of voters that would love to have their administration "reform" immigration. Again with the candy before the meat, in this problem.

Another Anon said...

hey don't mock the gummi vitamins. They are easier for people with throat issues to take.They also make taking vitamins more pleasant which is kind of the point of technology.

After all everything adult need not be harder or less pleasant.

However to the topic at hand, we need a real push for a universal age of adulthood,at 18 where until than the person is legally a minor.

The patchwork (can't buy handguns or booze till 21 but can vote and get killed in foreign wars) is stupid.