Friday, September 27, 2013

I almost walked out with 2 instead of 1.

This is my new addition.  While I was at the FFL, I noticed an M1 Carbine up on the wall, Inland receiver and barrel, mix master for the other parts, type 3 barrel band and flat bolt, serial number puts it solidly in the '44-'45 time frame.  They had a price that was a touch too high, I countered and I'm just waiting to here if they'll bite. So there may be new pics soon.  Anyway, this is my new (to me)SMLE No. 4 Mk 1. Born  in '44.  Dragon shaped slippers for scale.



pediem said...

Your llama is going to be jealous of the dragons.

Beautiful, though. (And yes, you -do- have a problem.)

Christina RN LMT said...

Two is one and one is none. :D