Monday, June 23, 2014

Range Report.

It's not a big range report. I only had 40 rounds of M1 Carbine ammo total. But here it is. 5 rounds to make sure it wasn't gonna blow up in my face. 5 rounds at 100 yd setting and 5 rounds at the 300 yd. setting.
This is set to the 100 yd. detent on the sight.  This is also at 15 yds. and not 25. So, according to my handy-dandy ballistic calculator, that group is .2" lower than it would be at 25. But with that factored in, she's still shooting a might bit low. But not enough for me to worry or do anything about it.
And this is same distance at the 300 yd detent on the sight.
Again, according to my magic slide rule.... no, not that one. The one for ballistic calculations, that's about right.
So overall, both settings grouped nicely on the target, the rifle functioned flawlessly and I have 25 rounds left.  On a side note, when I printed these out the bottom dashed line came out to 3.5" long.  I think it's supposed to be 4" OAL. But I don't have the original TM to make sure. 
Yes, I see the one flyer on each. Shuddup.... Shaddup shudding up.

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Old NFO said...

That's a damn nice group... :-)