Saturday, May 31, 2008

Same Planet, Different World

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being flush with moola. But there is a definite difference in thought patterns. Take for instance the trip earlier today. Mind you, this was scheduled in a Learjet. Something designed to fly high, preferable above 40,000 ft., and fast, something closer to Mach .80. That's 8/10ths the speed of sound. Something designed to save a person time.

So, where do these people want to go? LA? Orlando? Chicago? Nope. They want to fly from Tulsa to Rogers AR. That's an incredible 77 miles as the crow flies. If you drove it. It's 115. Now, I know there's a mystic of being able to charter a jet and fly around, but let's break this down.

The flight would take something close to 17 minutes wheels up to wheels down. We wouldn't be able to climb to any altitude to get a good fuel economy. And the crew prep time would take longer than the entire trip there and back combined. So, there you have it. A trip that cost them 2000 dollars for a savings of maybe an hour and a half of driving. Of course when you factor in the driving to the airport, renting a car when you get there and driving into town, it's a wash.

Like I said, same planet, different worlds.

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