Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I think it's Murphy's law or something.

As soon as I say there's nothing to write about, something pops up.

Today, very quietly, the great zero and his regime changed the sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine (possession, used or distribution). They lowered them to be the same as regular cocaine. Are you ready for the reason? I love this chain of illogic... Crack cocaine is a drug predominately used by lower economic classes (read blacks, African Americans, whatever) and the people being hit hardest by these tougher sentences are the same people living in those neighborhoods. Which means that those tougher sentences are being imposed on the minorities (read blacks, etc. again) and that makes them racist.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the original idea behind making the crack cocaine sentences harsher was because it was a drug "preying on the poor and disenfranchised or our great land" (again read Afri.... oh, you get the drill). And the tougher sentences were supposed to "stamp out this plague of our inner cities"

So, the drug was racist and the sentencing guidelines are racists and the -0 isn't not racists and I'm racists for even daring to think about the great anointed one because he's not racist for being something that I can't possibly understand because I'm not a wise Latina woman and therefore genetically inferior even though we were taught that the Nazi's said that and they were wrong, so wrong for calling anyone inferior to anyone else, but it's okay for the democrats to say that because they're liberal and therefore more enlightened and superior to us flyover hicks but they would never say that out loud or at least where anyone who is a wrong_thinker might overhear and is this mic on?


Farm.Dad said...

Glad you finally get it Jim !

Keads said...

The Mic is on and I hear you! I don't know if I should laugh or cry on this one!

Well Done!

Old NFO said...

Um...er...ah... OH never mind... Testing... testing...

Me said...

Mustn't take all of the criminals out of the lower-class communities...that wouldn't be fair to the non-criminal majority in those communities, would it? So in the name of curing racism, we'll just slap all of the drug-dealing criminals on the wrist and let them stay in those communities where that can keep making life so much more interesting for everyone else.

But rest assured that when the next crack dealer with enough convictions to ensure that he would have been put away for a long time under the old laws kills some schoolgirl or grandmother, that too will be blamed on white racism...or George Bush. Obama and his failing liberal policies will never be given--or accept--the blame.