Saturday, August 6, 2011

M1 Carbine project.

Just a quick note on it.  Since it was OMGLOLWHT hot today as well as threatening to rain, I decided to spend the day cleaning cosmoline off the parts.

One thing led to another and I finished the day with an assembled rifle.  Not bad considering I had none of the special tools and the trigger group was literally in individual pieces.

No pics yet.  When I'd finished I found out I have none of the parts that go on the stock.  So, no recoil pad w/ screw and nut, barrel band spring, butt pad and screw.  Also, the barrel band screw is stripped out, so I had to find replacement front sight keys and pins so I can replace the barrel band with a new one.  I think the new barrel band will be the kind with the bayonet lug (type 3).

Parts are on order and as soon as I get everything together I'll post pics.

p.s.  BTW, the plan for the M1 Carbine has always been to build a stock rifle.  It's gotten so that all the ones I'm finding at the gun shows or in the shops are either basket cases too unsafe or shot out to shoot or museum quality pieces that I'd be afraid to shoot for ruining their worth.  And what I wanted was something that I could pull out and take to the range for some fun with no worries one way or another.  I should have enough parts for two by the time I'm done and still be no more than what they're charging for one of those reproduction Auto Ordnance ones.


Anonymous said...

Did you consider getting a CMP M-1 carbine?

aepilot_jim said...

Did you consider they don't have any? Please, do a little research before posting comments like that.

Old NFO said...

Good job Jim, and yeah, those 'little' parts take time to find/fix/install. Looking forward to the pictures!