Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My thoughts on this video.

This video:

came out just after the OccupyOaklanders were dispersed/arrested by the police.  I've watched it several times and I've come to some conclusions about this.

She used the term "chemical weapons" twice.  Once before the cut to the Oakland Police Chief's comments and once after.  Notice the police chief didn't say chemical weapons and I would have to doubt that the officer who made the announcement before tear gas was deployed used that term.

When asked if this was an "appropriate response", she pauses and looks up and left.  As if she is trying to remember what she was told.

Call me crazy, but she had to have been coached.  And badly at that.  I can see whoever coached her telling her to make sure to use the words "chemical weapons" but not telling her that throwing bottles and rocks at the police is assault.  So, she's grabbed from the crowd, told what the interviewer will ask, instructed to use the incendiary catch phrases and then gets blindsided when the talking head decides to ask a preliminary setup question not on the script she'd been handed.  At which point the fail became avalanche like in proportions.


Murphy's Law said...

They should all be beaten into comas and then made to work off the cost of their subsequent medical care on community service work crews...with leg irons in place if need be.

For some of them, I suspect that it would be the first real work that they've done their whole lives.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, she WAS coached... and is an injit besides...

Bob S. said...

I find it laughable that "Tea Partiers" with concealed or Openly Carry firearms -- that never leave the holsters -- are a danger and should be stopped; Yet Occupiers throwing missiles (legal term if I remember right) are harmless and should only be met with harsh words.