Friday, June 13, 2008


Ailurophobia - Fear of Cats
Suriphobia - Fear of Mice Boy, throw these two groups in a room together and the entertainment would be endless.

Ornithophobia - Fear of Birds

Pupaphobia - Fear of Puppets

Brontophobia - Fear of Thunder I had a Golden Retriever that had this. The big 100 lb baby.

Kakorrhaphiaphobia - Fear of Failure Is it ironic that people afraid of failing have to try to pronounce this?

Eisoptrophobia - Fear of Mirrors

Cainophobia - Fear of Novelty Well, that's... unique.

Gephyrophobia - Fear of Bridges

Bufonophobia - Fear of Toads

Melissophobia - Fear of Bees

Cynophobia - Fear of Dogs

Hoplophobia - Fear of Guns. Sometimes just refered to as a Liberal.

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