Monday, February 2, 2009

And Great Fun Was Had By All

Others have done a much better job of saying what a great party it was at Phlemmy's this last weekend. Friday's meat orgy at Texas De Brazil was a blast. Everything's better when wrapped in bacon. Saturday the party started at 1 and never stopped. I'll admit I went all fanboy when Lawdog and AD showed up. These two won't admit it, but they're a couple of the best story tellers in the blogosphere.

I spent the weekend developing my art.

I call this one "Everything's better with Breda's Pig Candy."

This I'm entitling "Love the Pig Candy"

Do Not Question My Art!

Finally, here's a group photo of everyone at the party:

Sunday, Phlemmy, Matt, Farmgirl, AD, JPG and I went had us some shooty goodness at the range. Here's my impression of Phlemmy:

Let's try the Browning .22
Click-click ping, Click-click ping, Click-click ping, Click-click ping, Click-click ping

Try the S&W Airweight
Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping

Here's a .17HMR
Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping

Shoot at the golf balls
ping-whizz, ping-whizz, ping-whizz, ping-whizz

Try this AR-15 at 115 yards
Bang ping Bang ping Bang ping Bang ping Bang ping

Try to miss the log at 120 yard
Bang ping bang ping bang ping bang ping
Me: No, I said miss...
Phlemmy: I'm trying, I can't

I snapped a pic of her at the range Sunday.

We definately need to do this again.


alan said...

Agreed. It needs to be a regular thing.

Great meeting you!

Pig Candy FTW.

FarmGirl said...

Well the next one may be at my place... although I really don't know where we're gonna put MattG... raise the ceilings, maybe.

I'm plotting, when it ferments enough, emails will go out. I'll have Farmmom send yours, would hate to deprive you of your stalking by proxy.....

aepilot_jim said...

It was great meeting you too, Alan. It's always kind of a squee moment when I meet someone who I read everyday and respect their views.

Farmgirl, just give me enough warning to arange my off days to coincide and thanks for reminding me about the stalking by proxy. I'd hate to think your mom didn't think I was weird.

phlegmfatale said...

It was SO fabulous to meet you! Love your flattering version of events-- not that I needed an excuse to run out and acquire an entire fringed buckskin git-up, but it doesn't hurt, either. :)

You're a gem, Jim!

FarmGirl said...

Well, Jim, she raised me, so just how weird can you really seem to her?

Old NFO said...

Hehehe- I'm just gonna stand on the sidelines and watch... :-)

Ambulance Driver said...

It was indeed a blast, in more ways than one. *grin*

Haji said...

TDB is the greatest thing to happen to restaurants since waitresses. I want everyplace I go to be like that. I want IHop to do pancake gauchos. The Meat Dot is the way of the future!