Monday, July 12, 2010

Evolution of a language.

Follow this.

It started as: Illegal Aliens
    Oh no, much too harsh and real. Let's soften that up and make them sound better.
It morphed to: Undocumented Aliens
    Better. See, now people will think they've just lost their paperwork in the mail. Damn postal workers! They're racist! But still, "aliens", that conjures up images of big bug eyed monsters and lasers. Too scary.
It evolved to: Undocumented Workers
    Ahh, much better. Now they're just poor disadvantaged people striving to attain the American Dream. Only... hmm... Ooh! American Dream!
Harry Reid calls them: Undocumented Americans

    Now, it's just a short jump till they can vote! I guess that would be Harry Reid's version of the American Dream.
Nice how that works out for them, isn't it.


Newbius said...

I prefer the term "Undocumented Democrats"

Crucis said...

I prefer "imported democrats."

Old NFO said...

Those are BOTH good... :-) (wiping coffee off the monitor)

Crucis said...

Have you read that recently they've determined that Al Franken won in Minnesota due to illegal votes from felons. I always wondered by on each recount they kept finding more Franken votes and none for his opponent.

It's too late now. The election has long been certified. You can bet though that come this fall, every vote will be scrutinized.