Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two posts in one day....

I know! How did you get so lucky.

Let's see, oil spill, floods, Afghanistan, Nukes in Iran and N. Korea. Massive, MASSIVE government overspending and debt for decades...

But what is CNN doing a news special on tonight? Yeap, that hard hitting, oh so important, Lindsey Lohan jail time. (psst, she's only doing 2 weeks, not 90 days.) Although, I think the news cycle will last the full 90 with no time off for good behavior.

I guess CNN stands for Celebrity Network News.

Way to keep ensuring you're not relevant anymore Ted.

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Murphy's Law said...

They're working SO hard to keep any bad news that might reflect poorly on their messiah Barack off of the front pages. It'll likely get worse the closer elections come, any by November, there won't be any publicly reported bad news anywhere except Fox News.

"Major networks all announce that nothing bad happened in America today...now go vote to elect more Democrats."