Sunday, September 11, 2011

We didn't forget...

My commemoration of the fudamentalist islamic terrorist attacks of 9/11 was to go to the range today.  I skipped the rally across from the Mosque in town and decided that punching holes in paper would do for me.

I packed the Barrett, an ammo can of .50BMG and the usual range stuff and set up for some long range shots.  It's was slightly longer than 500 meters when we had everything set up.

I'm disappointed in myself.  My zero is way off.  5 rounds and only 1 hit and I was holding a mildot and a quarter left to hit. I'll go back out next weekend and sit down and get that zero perfect.

The other thing I was commemorating today was the death of my friend Chris Horton, late of the 45th Inf., Oklahoma National Guard.  He was one of the men killed in a fire fight in Iraq on Friday.  Please send out a prayer for him. He's survived by his wife and family.