Monday, August 25, 2008

Range Days.

I realized something this last week. My job, being what it is, has me on the road most weekends. As such, I generally end up on the range shooting during the week, usually just before or after lunch. It's been this way for so long I'd forgotten what a range can be like during "prime time".

During everyone else's business hours I step up to the range with, usually, the place to myself. It's nice to pick whatever lane I want, take my time loading mags, setting everything out, finding the right mindset for the target, be it aim, trigger control, sight picture, etc. Then when everything feels right, just plinking away till I decide to stop. Then with a nod to the range safety monitor, amble out and tsk tsk over the target, puzzling out this flyer or that group. All in all it's a fine day and I can make it last as long as I want.

But go on a shooting day and the enjoyment is... dampened. Now, I'm constrained to a pace not of my choosing. A pace that, while convenient for the safety officer, is equally uncomfortable for everyone else involved. Now, I have to deal with the distractions that others around me cause. Whether it be a couple of guys talking in the next lane or the coolest gun I've seen in a while in the other. The zen of the range is lost, if you will.

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