Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Talk about just wrong.

h/t to Anthony for the following post.

Here's the original El Paso Times article.

Apparently our serving troops, out there on the sharp end defending us, don't rate as highly as our moneyed elite first class or business class passengers. It's important that our troops know we support them and we're thankful for their sacrifices. Let's just not let AA show us how.

When you make 16,000 per year like our enlisted troops do, $100 to $300 dollars is just rolling around free for the taking in our wallets. Whether or not these men get reimbursed eventually (I was in the Army, I know what it's like trying to get money out of them) they're being subjected to an unnecessary hardship.

Let's all take our hats off to AA. In a customer service based industry, they really know how to roll out the red carpet. Let's keep our customers happy.

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