Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Strange that.

I'm noticing that I've been spending less and less time blogging about flying and guns and more and more about politics.

Which is strange, 'cause I hate politics. I mean about the only thing worse than a politician is a lawyer.

I have been internally cringing for the last year or so over the local and national political races. I've contemplated driving a rail road spike through my foot and running around in circles. It would get just as much done and I would have a greater sense of accomplishment.

I think my problem is I'm not spending enough time flying for fun.

Flying is poetic in nature. And personal flying is just about the ultimate expression of poetry of motion available to mankind. Flying removes almost all the constraints of motion that have been imposed on us by today's society. Gone is the need to follow a path of tar or concrete, the will to wander in any direction is released. Removed is the constraints on speed made by law, only limited now by physics and the strength of your airframe. A whole other dimension is added your horizon. Not only do you have left and right, forward and back, but that wondrous dimension of up and down are at your disposal. Incredible combinations of up-left, down-back, right-forward. The swoops and arcs and curves an ecstatic display of freedom. A freedom limited only by gravity and performance. And even gravity can be cheated momentarily.

I need to go fly.

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Home on the Range said...

Yes, it just calls to you sometime.

But I'll pass on the 60% sim wake next time.