Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Big Three Bailout.

Well, it seems the members of our esteemed .gov have pulled another one. There will be enough pork for all in this one, because the last 800 billion wasn't enough. You know what. Enough. Let's do this. Since the automakers don't think they need to be competative or other such nonsense. Let's boycott them. That's right, let's not buy another auto from these guys. They've already gotten a butt load of our money through the .gov, let's draw the line. Not another penny. They're already getting my money, through the .gov, but I'm not going to subsidise them any more than that.

I've just had it.

In fact, let's not stop there. Any company that feels it's better to be nationalized than to try to be competative should be added to the boycott list.

Bank of America.

Please feel free to tell me who else belongs on the boycott list. I'm just not up to researching all the names.

Edit: Looks like the bill is dying instead. Good. The more they try to prop up bad businesses the worse the eventual crash is going to get.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Go to the source. Nothing wrong with those companies except for one thing. Government.

Boycott the gov't.

GreyBeard said...

How about, All the Japanese owned manufacturers, plus BMW and Mercedes?
My reason for this suggestion is:
They gave absolutely ZERO, to help out after 9-11.
The American car companies, donated MILLIONS.