Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Gun Shop Crawl

So, today, I'm doing my normal Monday gun shop crawl about town looking for good used or unusual acquisitions and I'm in one where the manager is cleaning. He's sweeping and dusting and going through the back and bringing stuff up front. When he comes tromping up front with two brand new DPMS AR lowers.

"These have been back there for months now. Call these guys and see if they still want them."

What are the first words out of my mouth? "Dibs!"

I'm so pathetic. I'm not half way done with the first AR build and I have another one to start. Of course I've got all the special tools now so it should go quickly. Maybe I'll build a standard A2, 20" barrel out of this one. Decisions, decisions.....

On a side note, if we all keep doing stuff like this the VPC should start spinning fast enough to hook up a generator to them and power someplace. Like Pella, IA or somewhere. I'm just sayin'.

1 comment:

phlegmfatale said...

Well done on your new play-pretties! I'm all for stocking up, personally.