Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Does anyone else think the talking thumbs AT&T commercial is creepy?

Have you seen the new "commemorative Barack Obama Coin Set"? They've got Barack on one side and JFK on the other. What comparison are they trying to draw between the two. I'm fairly certain that these two are COMPLETELY different versions of a democrat. Well, a democrat and a marxist/socialist really.

ABC is hyping the living hell of a new show about Homeland Security/TSA. What brain dead mother fucker thought this would be a good show? Let's show how a bunch of undereducated, under trained schmoes can rifle through luggage, steal laptops, harass innocent travelers and corner the market on toenail clippers and tubes of toothpaste? Great! Shoot 13 episodes and we'll put it up against CSI.

The new Geico ads with the stack of money with eyes. All the while the background music is "somebody's watching me". Yeah, that's a little creepy too.

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Unknown said...

Maybe ABC was commisioned to show the "real" side of TSA, thus trying to fool the masses into thinking we are some how not having rights violated. It probably wont make it half a season.