Monday, January 26, 2009

Empty your Pockets

Brigid put a post up on what's in you pocket. I thought I'd jump on board and take a pic. The only thing not shown is my phone. Because, that's what I used to take the pic. So, it's crappy but it gets the job done, sort of, a bit. Don't question my art. So, in my pockets and on my belt, really. Yes, that's a quarter next to the forum coin. That's all the cash I have on hand.

I'll wait while you finish laughing.

That's a 25 year old original leatherman's. That's how long I've been carrying that thing. The only thing I don't regularly carry that I should is a flashlight. But I haven't found one I like yet.


Old NFO said...

I've got one of them somewhere... Oh yeah, in the range bag. Look at the little Surefire Executive.

Carteach said...

I'm curious... what is a forum coin?

aepilot_jim said...

Old NFO:I'm ordering a Surefire E1e.

Carteach: It the OKShooters Forum. My screen name is the same as my blog url.

Home on the Range said...

Good gear to have on hand. Though at first glance I thought that was a pack of Chicklits gum, but I don't think they make that any more.

aepilot_jim said...

Brigid, only if you're in Mexico. :D