Friday, January 23, 2009

A Pledge

Over at the Life of Anthony he's got a post up of a YouTube video of a pledge. A pledge that starts out nobly enough, but ends voicing an idea shunned since the fall of Nazi Germany and it's cult of personality by the western world. A pledge to be a servant of a man. Tony states the argument better than I. To subscribe to a servitude in a free state strikes me as abhorrent. In response to that video, I'd like you to watch this. And I hope all those socialist/marxists out there claiming to be something else watch it too. They've obviously forgotten what this pledge is and what it means.


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Unknown said...

Thanks for linking to me. Those types of videos make my blood boil. I am astonished that free men and women would make such pledge. Good thing there are still good American Patriots left in this country.

I like the Red Skeleton video...I am going to have to remember it. Thanks for reading and commenting