Thursday, April 23, 2009

AR build update: The long awaited range report

Guess what today was. That's right it was take a new gun to the range day! I looked at the weather forecast and they were calling for high winds this weekend. So, I got up, loaded up the AR, ammo, ears, eyes, etc. and drove out to my favorite outdoor 200 yard range.
Here's the setup and the target after I sighted it in. I may have the red dot sight set a mite bit low. But not bad for 50 yards standing.
The upper group across the bull is iron sights, 50 yards standing. The lower group is the red dot 50 yards standing.


Truthsayer said...

That's a sexy gun, Jim. Congrats.

alan said...

Are you sure that's not a shotgun pattern? :P

'bout time you got that thing out the the range. I was starting to think you were gonna be like pdb and buy guns to not shoot.

aepilot_jim said...

That's sacrilegious Alan!

Old NFO said...

hehehe- broad side of a barn... er.. :-) Actually not bad for 50 yd offhand with a new gun. It takes a while for the trigger to set up/smooth out. Shoot it off a rest and see what you can get at 100 yards.