Friday, April 3, 2009

Home... Sort of.

I'm home. I spent a grand total of 24 days on the road last month. But since we can't count recurrent training and off days worked to that total, I only "logged" 16. Fun. They would have turned me around and sent me on another week out, but I gently reminded them that they have other pilots and I bribed the schedulers.

I'm definitely not drinking with the right crowd.

Right now, since we've lost a few pilots and added an airplane, we are so short handed that I can expect the same sort of schedule for the foreseeable future.

My bosses excuse for not hiring to even replace the loses is that he and the DO will fill in the schedule as needed. Except neither he nor the DO will fly on weekends or late nights. So the rest of us are getting cosy with the term Chronic Fatigue.

That's the nature of Non-scheduled 135 charter. No regulated days off. So if they wanted to fly us 10 hours a day, every day of the month, they can. The idea being that we'll have non-flying days and enough crews to cover the airplanes so no biggie. Except, when you have X number of crew and X+1 airplanes...

My boss blew up at one of the other guys for not agreeing to work his days off. Seeing as how we only have 6 hard days off (2 three day stretches) as it is. It's kind of hard to not sympathise.

The rumor is we'll lose our hard days off before we replace lost pilots.

And my bosses insistence that we're slow doesn't really jibe with the full flight schedule.

Edit: The trip that my friend got into hot water for not doing, didn't happen. See, the trip would have been on a Friday and that's weekend time for my boss and the DO. So, they weren't available for the trip because you see the weekend and all...


Old NFO said...

The only ONLY good point is that you have a job and are building hours... everything else pretty much sucks! Good on ya for hanging in!

phlegmfatale said...

WHat a bastard. He's lucky to have you at all. I'll be glad when you're working somewhere else. Am I projecting here, or what? Pity poor us!