Monday, April 6, 2009

Gun Shows

Another Wannenmacher has come and gone. Aside from my feet, I had a great time. I picked up some more .308 brass, a Lyman 1200 tumbler at a great price, a pair of back up iron sights for my AR project, and borrowed a vice at the show to finish putting it all together. (See post below, WEEHEE) My friend Mike made another find of the century in the Snider Trapdoor rifle category. Urso found a good deal on a nice Cetme rifle and we're planning a day of shooty goodness when my off week rolls around again.

The atmosphere at this show wasn't nearly as panicked as the last show. But people were still buying whatever they could. I worked the OPS table again, when I wasn't wandering around lost, and of the 55 AR's we took down to the show, only a dozen or so came back. The fact is, OPS didn't have nearly the stock at the start of the show as they did 6 months ago at the last one. The demand has been just too much and too steady to allow the store shelves to recover.

On a side note, this is the first time in 2 years that I don't have a rifle project in the works or standing by. I thought about starting an AK, but I just can't get as excited about it as I was with the AR or the M14.


Somerled said...

I love those shows. I used to go quite a bit when I lived in extreme SE Kansas. It was exactly 99 miles to the fairgrounds. It makes the 500-table shows around here downright pale.

Somerled said...

Maybe you can get a Caspian slide and frame and build a pistol. I'd going to order one of its frames with the integral plunger tube some day.