Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday day.

It's somebody's birthday today. I can't seem to remember who though. I'm thinking it was one of the drinking buddies a while back. Must not be important though, especially if I can't remember who.


I was USArmy. I had to. I couldn't very well give those jarheads a h/t without at least a little shit. Happy 233rd. I'd hate to have to light that cakes candles.

Edit: Vinnie's story in the comments had me laughing out loud.


Vinnie said...

Even the jar heads like this one: "Legend has it that the United States Marine Corps was born on 10 November, 1775, at Tun Tavern, in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. On that day, the Continental Congress passed a resolution authorizing two battalions of Continental Marines. The resolution was sponsored by John Adams. Since 1921, the Corps has celebrated its birthday as 10 November.
Tun Tavern was a popular meeting place of 18th century Philadelphians. The tavern was frequented by sailors and other seafaring men, so it was a logical place to conduct the business of recruiting."
What follows was related to me by a Master Gunnery Sergeant:
When the Navy officers set up a table in the Tun Tavern and started interviewing prospects, they were a bit relieved to finally find a young man who fit their requirements. They had him sign the book, paid him his dollar, and bought a round of rum to toast the enlistment. They were so happy to finally get the whole process underway, they even had a second round. They then send him off to a table in the corner to wait.
After a few more interviews, they found a second recruit, who soon joined the first.
"This is great," the second recruit said. "They paid me right away, and even bought me a tot of rum!"
"Hunh," sneered the first. "In the Old Corps they bought us two

Old NFO said...

hehehe- good story Vinnie, and yeah, they've done pretty good!