Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wanenmacher Wrap up

A quick Wanenmacher Gun Show wrap up.

My feet hurt.

That is all.

Sorry, couldn't resist that one. The show was a madhouse on saturday and only slightly less so on sunday. I ended up not seeing any of the show except for what I caught friday after setting up. I had a couple of people complain that they would have bought something on saturday, but they couldn't get to the table for the crowd. I didn't get a second to even sit down both days. The tables we had were right in front of the concession stand and I couldn't get half a moment to even go there to eat. Saturday started out with a table full of Glocks of all makes with more underneath. Saturday ended with one lone Glock 23. Anything that was even remotely compact went. We had 4 pallets of Remington .223, the last of which went sunday morning by 9.

On the non-feet-divorcing-me side, aside from a couple of small things like a scale and calipers, I'm all set up for reloading. A friend from here in town picked up everything and built a 24" bull barreled varmint-er AR-15 with a nice scope and bi-pod. He started with nothing but a bare lower and by 5 pm sunday he was pushing the take down pins in. Not a bad deal. He also won the deal of the show award by finding a very rare trap door rifle for $75. The rifle is easily worth 100 times that. And yes I meant 100 (one hundred).

I want to send out a big thanks to Old NFO. First for getting me the C&R application. Second for pointing me towards Norgon's ambi-mag release. Third for swinging by when he'd spotted any deals for me. I just with I'd had a second to take advantage of them. Next time... Next time.

All in all, I'd have to give the show a big two thumbs up. For the largest gun show in the states, it's definitely a mecca for enthusiasts of all sorts. If you've never been, it's a must. Just make sure you've got a copy of a local FFL's license so you can get the transfers done if you're from out of state.


phlegmfatale said...

Wow. Sounds fabulous. I'll try and mosey up there for the next one. Glad it was such a rousing success!

Old NFO said...

Roger on the feet hurting! At least you didn't hike the 20 miles I did :-0

The bad deal was every time I found something for y'all and went back, it was already gone...

See ya in April!

aepilot_jim said...

Phlemmy: If you think you might, make a hotel reservation now if you want. Otherwise I've got friends I could ask. I don't think you want to stay in my stinky apartment.

NFO: 20 miles sounds about right. Might be a little low though. LOL. Last couple of Wanenmachers you could scout out the deals and then go back. This time, boy, if you didn't pounce when you saw them, they were gone. I'll see ya next show and maybe I'll not get nailed to the table like this time.