Monday, November 17, 2008


I was wandering around the local gun shops today, looking at all the empty shelves. Anyway, I was talking to a guy looking for AR lowers, (good luck with that) and he mentioned that a friend of his emptied about half his 401K account out to buy a bunch of lowers and uppers.

Which left me thinking. Have I mentioned that that's not a good thing usually?

Listen, if your panicky that the incoming Democratic controlled government is going to take your 2nd amendment rights away and you're contemplating emptying whatever cash or savings or credit cards or whatever you have to buy up all the ammo/hi cap mags/EBR's you can. Stop for a second.

Just stop. and. think. for. a. second.

I'll agree that the likelyhood of the next 2 to 4 years being bad for constitutionally guarenteed rights is high. And we're looking at a real possiblity of not having access to a great many of today's most common firearms.

But we're also looking at a economic crisis of, dare I say it, biblical proportions. I'd say that you're probably going to need that money for housing and food. But, you say, the firearms will be a smart investment, they'll skyrocket in price and I'll be able to sell those for money. I'd say that the first half of that sentence is true, but not maybe the second.

During the dust bowl days here in Oklahoma, many a farmer literally lost everything to the drought and economy. The banks, being banks, foreclosed on those farms to recoup their lost loans only to find that there weren't any people out there with any money to auction said foreclosures to. People are broke, banks followed and a contributing factor to the great depression is thrown in the economic pot.

If the economy tanks as bad as some people are predicting, any investments you have, be it stocks, bonds, firearms or comic books are going to tank at least as bad. That lower that listed for 100 bucks a month ago and you're eying at $175 today may go for $250 in February, but you might be looking at a $25 paperweight if the economy collapses.

There are some things that won't take a bad a bath, but we're talking about something that has a subjective component to the value. That subjective component is what people are thinking the next administration will do concerning firearms. If people suddenly don't have any income, disposable or otherwise, to spend, all you'll be left with is the objective part of the price. What's bulk aluminum selling for these days?

I'd love to gather all the money I have squirreled away together to put a bulk buy in on what I think will become scarce for guns, but the reality is, I may need it more to keep a roof over my head or food in the cupboard.


Old NFO said...

Excellent point Jim. Too bad people will NOT listen. Those WILL be the people in two/three years trying to get best offer for parts and not succeeding. Ammo on the other hand, will be valuable as a commodity. Or at least I think so :-) BUT I'm not pulling any money out of investments to try and prove that either...

aepilot_jim said...

Here's to cooler heads prevailing.

Old NFO said...

One can only hope... sigh...

Somerled said...

The ones who are putting all the money into AR-15 lowers are assuming the next ban will be much like the last one. But it may be worse.

The Obama administation will tell us it is a reasonable, common sense gun safety and anti-terrorism measure when it begins to play with insta-check databases and Form 4473s.

I can see the nice people from the government asking, "Why does anyone need any number of AR-15 lowers?" Then they'll come and take them away to make us all safer, hopeful and changed. Sure, one can take them to court. It would take years and a lot of money. Then it will take years to get the BATF to comply with any court order.

That's what the guys at Cavalry Arms are going through right now.