Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pet(?) Peeves

Cleaning out the dryer lint trap.

Huh? You say. Here's the deal. I live in an apartment complex and they don't have hookups for washer/dryers in the apartments. So, I, like all my fellow complex dwellers use a laundromat of some sort. Now, when I do my laundry and unload my clothes from the dryer, the last thing I do is clean the lint trap for the next person. You can't know how much I hate to load a dryer and check the lint trap and find someone else's fur. Because, while some of my complex-mates have pets and the lint trap catches that fur. Usually, it isn't fur...

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phlegmfatale said...


That is part and parcel of why I will fight tooth-and-nail to never share a W/D with any other household. Yuck.

PLUS, I DETEST those fabric softener sheets. Yuck.