Sunday, July 27, 2008

And loe, he didth spake unto....

the groveling masses and it did come to pass.

For the Obamessiah hath spoke unto the uneducated gun-clingy religious unenlightened and it is therefore true.

Because that's why he spent the whole weeks in Europe courting the voters... err...

I'm sorry, why was he over there again? To prove he has foreign policy experience? Umm, Barack, just because you can point to it on a map....

Of course, he now knows where Iraq and Afghanistan are now. I mean, not knowing where they were wasn't going to stop him from creating policy there out of whole cloth... his imagination... hopey feeling staff... in depth analysis.

I think squeaky said it best. He's running for the office of the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not the US chair to the EU. I don't know who's vote he was courting over in Europe, but it wasn't the right crowd. Ultimately IF (and I think that's a big if) he gets elected, he's answerable to the people of the US, not some foreign power. He better be thinking about what's best for us and not another country. Spending weeks in Europe campaigning isn't boosting my confidence in that area.

But I'm being too mean. He did spend weeks... most... days... some... a bit of time talking to our troops overseas. I wonder what they plugged his ears with to keep him from hearing what they had to say. The Great Ceiling Cat forbid he actually listen to people who are actually over there about what to do in the region.

But back to the original topic. I wonder what polls he's using to say that? Of course, if it's NBMSCBCNN then it makes sense. Their impartiality is well document. And any "random" poll they take of Chris Chill-Up-My-Leg Mathews will of course be accurate of the majority of the people in this country.

On the issues I care about, neither candidate is my favorite choice. In fact, if I limit myself to the 2 parties, you could say

rock / me \ hard place

But I see disaster looming nearer with Obamessiah than with McCain.
Maybe I'll just stock up on ammo, sit back, drink a beer and watch the circus roll by.


Home on the Range said...

I noted the large crowds in Germany. What they did NOT show was the crowds came because of a free Rock concert, with a very popular group, AND free beer. They avoided cutting to the crowd when he started his speech and the masses towards the back started leaving in droves.

Albert Einsteins ghost could drawn 200,000 people there if they offered free beer.

Next "rally" they had the rock concert AFTER his speech.

Abby said...

I've come to conclusion that you either "get" Obama...or you don't. And if you DON'T (and I don't), it's like anything else that someone other than you is enraptured by - you try to be polite, don't stay very long, and wait until you've left their house before making sarcastic comments to your spouse about their extensive collection of ceramic squirrel figurines.