Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A taste of my day

This is the view out my window at the hotel. I guess you have to pay more to, you know, actually see something.

And this is the view down the main street in Eagle. You can tell they're trying hard and you got to give them an A for effort.

On the up side, I talked to a few people about local brews and theres a 1557 dark ale as well as a couple of others that I may just bring home with me to try.


Brigid said...

You haven't lived til you've spent a couple of days in a hotel in Earth City, MO. That's right Earth city. The home of St. Louis's landfill. The name's not fooling anyone. You have a view of 4 stores of garbage, pretty much wherever you stay.

aepilot_jim said...

Do you have to pay extra for that view too?