Saturday, July 12, 2008

A little shooty goodness.

Today was a shooty day for me. A friend of mine who just took his CCW class and submitted his paperwork wanted to fire his soon to be carry piece. He picked up a Kahr PM9 (?) for carry. And I had some new ammo from a past gun show that I wanted to try out. It's a factory reload from an outfit called Outdoor Marksman Corp.

So, off to the range we trundled. After a puzzling jam on his Kahr with his first round, fun was had. It's always good to go to the range. There's something sort of Zen about it. There's a rhythm about it. A physical mantra, if you will.

Loaded mags placed to the right.
Unloaded 1911, slide locked back, in the center.
Pick up gun
Load mag
Rack slide
Safety on
Set gun down pointed down range.
4 rules
Draw the gun
Take aim
Safety off
Front sight, press
Front sight, press
Empty mag, slide locked back
Remove mag, place on the left
Set gun down

Repeat as long as you want or can afford.

The same process repeated. Allowing you to push the thoughts and worries of the day aside. Freeing the conscious mind from them and allowing the unconscious mind to mull them over. It feels good to punch holes in paper for a couple of hours and not think about anything else.

Of course it could just be me.

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