Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just one thing to say about all this.

I've notice that non-radical Muslims are quick to point out that these Muslim terrorists do not represent the vast majority of Muslims in the world.  Their words.


Well, they are Muslims and they sure as hell wont listen to non-Muslims, so how about you "vast majority" of peaceful Muslims police up your own backyard.

Oh boy, will I get hate mail now.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh Frantabulous Joy! Buy a Gun (BAG) day post (Pic heavy post)

Happy BAG day everyone! We're ignoring what today is in other regards.

Anyway, For my BAG day purchase I actually bought something last week hoping that it would be delivered today.  AND IT WAS! Delivered direct to your humble author's doorstep.  Meet my new baby. 

That, my friends, is a Martini Henry produced by Enfield in 1878.  Specifically a MkII chambered in the ever popular 577/.450.  It's not a Khyber Pass copy as they're referred to, it was built in Jolly Ol' back during its hey day of colonialism.  It is marked as N.S. NEP, meaning it was shipped to Nepal for use in "Native Service".  It's showing really well for 135 years young.  The butt stock split at some point and was repaired with putty.  There isn't a spot on the wood that doesn't have at least a ding or two.  But the rifling is good and you can still see "W" shape to it.  I'd put the bluing at 80%, which was better than I expected actually.  Function checking looks like the trigger and action are good with the ramp locking up and down well.

Here are some more pics of the markings on the metal bits.

I can now scratch this off my bucket list of guns.  I may never shoot her, I may shoot her a bit. I don't know.  Considering ammo for this is more expensive than feeding my Barrett, and more scarce than Hen's teeth, a bit may be all I can afford. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Have you ever....

Been at the grocery store, wandering up and down the aisles, seen something and said to yourself, "Hmm, haven't had that in a while. Might be nice to try some again."?

This is how I end up with bags of succotash in my freezer and cans of Spam® and Corned Beef Hash in my pantry.