Sunday, March 6, 2016

Range day weirdness.

First off, sorry for the sparse posting.

Today was .30-06 day at the range.  Well, to be more specific it was WW1 rifle .30-06 day at the range.

So, I dug out my Springfield 1903(a3). (I haven't found a decent shooter 03 yet.) My Eddystone M1917 and a Winchester made Eddystone that I'd bought from a friend a while back but never had out to the range.

I needed to get the 03 sighted in and so I picked it up first.  And had it nicely sighted in 6 rounds at 50 yd.  I was thankful for the a3 rear sight rather than the older ladder sight.  I did not want to have to figure out where my POI should be for a 547 yd zero POA. 

Since the only way to adjust the sights on the Eddystone is to take a punch and drift the front sight I was just gonna make sure they were pretty much where they should be and then plink away till I was happy.  My Eddystone Eddystone shot pretty much as expected and was a might bit right of dead center. 

When I pulled out the Winchester I was nowhere on paper when I checked after the first shot.  Just to make sure I wasn't pulling it something I fired a couple more carefully and nothing.  Just a really nice unmarked target.  So, I walked up closer (between 15 and 25 yd.) and fired a round.  Then a couple more just to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing.

This is what I got.

Yep, four rounds from between 15 and 25 yds and this is what I got. Keyholing like nobody's business.  Took the rifle back to the loading bench and inspected it as best I could.  Throat and muzzle looked okay.  The crown was undamaged. The brass from the fired shells were undamaged.  The rounds fed, extracted and ejected without a problem.  I checked the muzzle gauge with another round. 

That's not too bad really. I obviously don't have a .30 cal gauge to get an accurate measurement.  Talked with my captive gun smith, who I'd bought the rifle from and we're both stumped.  Next is a visit to my local smith and have it checked out.

Fun day anyway.