Thursday, June 25, 2015

AK Range report.

Okay. So, I'm now about 500 rounds into the test run.  Another 500-1000 to go depending on how well I can survive the heat.  I got it rough sighted in last week and put a couple of hundred rounds through it. Today I finished tweaking the sights so they were as spot on as my tired ol' eyes can get it. Then finished the first box of 500 I had with me.

I actually got a FTF today I had about 100-120 rounds left out of the box and on the second round of a topped off 30 round magazine I had the round hang up and hold the bolt back about half way.

Yes, I know. AK's never jam.  Whatever.  This was bad enough I had to drop the mag and pop the dust cover off to get the round out from behind the bolt.

So, 500 rounds through, not been cleaned or oiled since I put a light, LIGHT coat of hopes on it after I first got it and 1 malf so far.  I've had AR's perform better.  Just saying.

I do have to say that Randy Kline, the gun smith at Jacksonville, TX who put it together, did an excellent job and the trigger is one of the smoothest I've ever had on a military rifle.  I highly recommend him for AK and FAL work.

I'll try to get the next 500 rounds put through it over the weekend if possible.  But it's slow going.  That rifle heats up enough that I can't hold onto the front grips without asbestos gloves after barely 100 rounds.  I had the thing literally smoking today, even with long breaks between magazines to let it cool down.