Friday, October 28, 2011

I have no idea.

No, seriously.  I have no idea what the fuck she is saying here.  I mean I recognise that the words are English but I'm not sure she's actually, you know, speaking it.  OOH! Maybe she's just getting out of one of them tent revival meetings and she's still speaking in tongues.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

On a serious note...

As another Blogorado comes to an end, I think it's time we talked about one of the down sides to the gathering.

It's a documented psychological phenomenon. I'm talking about PBD syndrome. Post Blogorado Depression Syndrome.

Years of research by many of the most noted doctors in the field have studied it. I feel it's important that I post here their recommendations.

Currently there is no known cure. You will feel depressed for the next few days to a week. It's Okay. Spend some time in bed. I find crying into your pillow or favorite Teddy bear works. (I use Ambulance Driver). And remember we're gonna do it next year.

So, buck up, little campers.

This has been a public service announcement. I now return you to your regular scheduled blog reading.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some pics

Give me a big kiss baby.

Worlds most pissed off bull snake.

We had ditty martoonis matty dartoonis datty mitannos... We're drunking... Dammit! Figure it out.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Blogorado, The Epic Trek Out

Okay, it's after 10 pm, Blogoradoville time, and I'm checked into a new hotel.  Well, new for me anyway. I am posting this from the hotel that is a registered historic landmark for the state of BlogoradovilleState.  I like it.   There's a picture of the Duke on my wall. 

Today started early.  I met NFO at his hotel in Tulsa and we loaded all the rifles and other assorted implements of shootiness and hit the road with some vague plans to do some stuff and maybe some other stuff too.  If we get time. And aside from the usual construction suspects getting across the state was easy.  Except for listening to the great anointed one do a multi-hour news conference were he managed to be condescending, berating, belittling, and more general fear mongering.  My blood pressure....

We ended up calling Lawdog, Phlemmy, Expert Witness, The Great Tam herself, and Ambulance Driver and coordinated a meeting in Amadillorillo for a late lunch with plans to caravan the rest of the way to Blogoradoville.

Two words, Cat Herding.

We eventually lallygagged our way to Blogoradoville where Mr and Mrs Sci-Fi and Christina_LMT were already there.  Having successfully managed to avoid any lallygagging, ambling, loping, or other forms of non-urgent perambulations coming from the other direction.

I ate too much. 

Somehow, FarmMom has gotten better at making fried chicken.  Yes, I know. It's shocking.  I still find it hard to believe myself. But the oily proof was all over my hands and face by the time I raised the white flag.

Tomorrow, we finish the set up on the range, scope out a direction that will give us 6 miles of clearway for long range shooting, rezero for the altitude, and probably eat too much again.

Tomorrow, Tractortracks and her squeezetoy, Salamander and his family, Evyl Robot of the quality holsters with his sexay holster model, InJennifersHead and their offspring, plus a couple of others will arrive.  It looks to be a good group.

Honestly, I plan to blog something and maybe have pictures too, maybe, everyday.  But, as the saying goes, a plan is just a list of things that won't happen.  So, we'll see how I do with that.