Friday, November 27, 2009


I made a bacon bacon bacon and cheese sandwich for lunch.

Life is good.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

About Last Night...

Or Why I Carry a Gun, Reason 1157.

So, last night. Let's see. At about 1:15 a.m. I was woken up by the dulcet sounds of gunfire.

First off, I'm not exactly the lightest of sleepers. I snore. I enjoy my sleeping. I don't want it interrupted. But none the less, there I am, jarred awake by the sounds of gunfire loud enough to do that. It was close. And I'm not talking about a stray shot or a couple of firecrackers. I'm awake enough to remember a few strings of shots, like pow powpow... pow pow pow powpow... powpowpow..., so I know there had to be at least a few shots before that before I was conscious enough to start recording.

So, just like in the Christmas Carol, I sprang from my bed. And made sure I had my 1911 loaded with a spare mag by my head and then I went and got the two loaded mags I had for my M14, loaded the rifle and set it and the spare mag by my bed. And then I waited. No screeching tires, no sirens, no investigating police. I finally fell back asleep around 3:30.

It's nice to know my neighbors care. Tonight, I'll have my AR with the EOTech sight set for low light ready.

And screw you Chad, there's no way in hell I'm going out "hunting" like you suggested.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a tough job....

Who else knows that the great 0 has played more rounds of golf in the past 10 months than the previous occupant did his entire 8 years in office?

Quick show of hands.

But seriously, what with the economy tanking, two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran and N. Korea, Losing the Olympics for Chicago, Losing 2 gubernatorial races for his party... The man has a lot to do. It's nice to see his priorities are in the right place.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pipe Dreams

Since they'd never willingly do this themselves and even the ones who promise to, end up breaking that promise. I think the only way to get those idiots out of D.C. is to make them. So, dear readers, pass the word around. Each state should, in my humble opinion, enact it's own laws that limit their senators and representatives to no more than 2 terms in office, total.

Of course, the hereditary seats in Massachusetts and San Fransisco will have problems, but I'm sure they can hash those out.

But don't worry, I'm not gonna hold my breath on this one.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Normal? Compared to what?

Okay, now that the bredalanche, Snarkylanche and everyotherblogger-alanche has subsided and my daily visits counter has stopped spinning like a demon-possessed fan. I can return to my usual inane commenting on all things... inane.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogorado: The depression.

Okay, I'm not going to give a play by play of the weekend. Others more eloquent or just plain better at ranting have done that.

I want to say, simply even, thank you.

Thanks to FarmGirl, FarmDad, FarmMom, and Mamaw for hosting us, cooking for us, providing land for a range and things to shoot at, for by far the best chicken fried steak I've had, for putting up with us cantankerous, independently minded blog-type folks. I may have moaned about missing the riding to set up the range, but setting it up was a blast too. You all are the best.

Thanks to you, The Breda, for coming. You took time off from GunNuts:TNG and took the chance on meeting a slew of people you've never seen before, for stepping up and shooting everything we put in your hands, even when I gave you bad advice on shooting stances, but mostly for just being you. You may not admit it, or even understand it, but you're an incredible person and having the chance to meet you in person was truly an honor.

Christina, thanks for coming as well. I know you were worried about being "a total n00b" shooter and, I don't know, embarrassing yourself or something. What you missed is that, one, we all started as new shooters as some point, and two, we're the sort of group that loves coaching people. Give us a new shooter and we were falling all over ourselves to help you have fun and learn about all the different types of guns out there. I hope you had as much fun learning and shooting as we had teaching and demonstrating. And the massages were a great treat.

Alan, what can I say. Great knees. Seriously, it was great seeing you again. You've got one sweet long range AR set up and letting me shoot the M-11 even though I didn't bring any 9mm to speak of was a treat.

Stingray and LabRat, it was really neat to finally meet you both. I could gush about your blog and epic rants, but I wont. I do want to say the real people are so much better than the internet blog. And your beer is worth a loveblog all its own. And watching LabRat do an entire movie with KatyBeth was a highlight of the evening for me.

Speaking of, Ambulance Driver and KatyBeth. It was great seeing you again. And KatyBeth is such a little darling. I am ready to declare that she must accompany you on any blog meets we attend together. And we need to get together more often. Once every 8 months is just not right, dude. I hope the venison is good. That deer gave his all for your taste buds.

Sal, I'm sorry you had to leave early. I hope the kids are better. Next time, all I can say is next time. Don't forget to drop me an email with your contact details either. Don't make me go through FarmGirl to get them. Don't think I wont. And believe me, it won't be pretty if I have to.

Old_NFO. Thanks for swinging by and hauling my big butt and all my junk to the meet. And thanks for bringing some of the most awesome rifles I've ever had the privilege to handle, much less shoot. Next time, we're confiscating your wallet and we'll treat you.

Snarky, you are a hoot! Being a "n00b" shooter didn't stop you from being full of energy and fun. Do not forget to stay in touch. And next time, maybe the munchkin can come along.

Phlegmmy and LawDog. Oh. My. God. When you two showed up and were in the same area as Breda, my head went 'splody. No, srsly! You guys are awesome and just thinking of you two makes my grin go from ear to ear to meeting around the back side of my head.

Gay_Cynic, thanks for travelling from literally, the corner of the US to see us. Putting up with the hassle that is TSA to bring guns means a lot to me. Other people would have looked at that and decided it wasn't worth the trouble or the risk. You grinned and bared it just for the chance to meet us. That means a lot to me. It was an honor and a pleasure and whether you like it or not, I'm including you amongst my friends.

Matt and Johnny. When people say "A giant among men", I want you to know that it's not just your physical height that they're referring too. You are great people and those who don't get the opportunity to meet you are just that much the less for not having that chance.

Finally, to the town of FarmFam. For a little town that resides in a county that doesn't have a stoplight, you allowed us in, made us welcome and didn't bat an eyelash at a bunch of nutty outsiders OC'ing all over the place. That's the way it should be and I thank you for showing us how this country should be.

I wish the weekend could have gone on forever. And everyone I've talked to seems to be as sad about that as I am. I'm calling it post-blogorado depression. I'm afraid the only cure will be to meet again as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11th.

Thanks for serving. It's guys like us that allow hippies like them the freedom to spit on guys like us.

Also, did you know it's punch a hippie day too?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blogorado: The Epic Butt Post

So, I'm sure if you've read everyone else on my blogroll you know that Blogorado was not only a huge success, but just barrels and barrels and buckets and tubs of fun.

In attendance were FarmGirl, BredaFallacy, Salamander, Gay_Cynic, Stingray, LabRat, JPG, Better and Better, Old_NFO, Me, Ambulance Driver (with the adorable Katybeth), Snarky, FarmMom, FarmDad, Mamaw, Snarkybytes, Lucrative Pain, LawDog, Phlegm Fatale, and a run'd over deer, and I know I'm forgetting someone. Please leave a comment on who I forgot.

But anyway, here's pics of everyone there. Bonus points if you can match the person to the... umm... pic. :D

Bonus bonus points if you can find the pic that started it all.

Just for scale, this is Breda standing next to one of the midgets from the circus that passed through Sunday.
I did get a pic of Sal's butt, but the knee-beards were soooo much better.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blogorado: Shooting Day One

Quick post. I'm beat and we're gonna do it all again tomorrow.


Today was a GOOD day. We started by gathering for breakfast and then sort of ambled over to Mamaw's place and launched from there.

Went straight to the range and after a couple of hours of final set up we buckled down to some of the really fun stuff. We had guns a plenty. In fact you could say we had a plethora of guns... and ammo.

I shot everything I could get my hands on, Old_NFO has some REALLY nice sniper rifles. We'd set up a half standard size target at 250 yards and people (Breda) were hitting it consistently. That's the equivalent of a 500 yard shot up an incline. Not an easy feat.

On a related side note, Breda may truly be the world's most dangerous librarian. You'll be innocently walking across an empty parking lot and BAM! Then from a long distance away you'll hear as the lights fade out, "2 weeks overdue"....

We blew up a couple of pounds of tannerite among other fun stuff. Then went back to mamaw's and had some of the best chicken fried steak EVAH!

It really was one of those days that you wish would never end. And we get to do it tomorrow!

Oh, I have pics of everyone I'll post them when I get a chance.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blogorado: The initial meeting.

I have to admit, when Breda first walked up to Mamaw's garage I went a little shy fanboi. But as promised...

Will you get a load of that.... holster. :D
(She is sooo gonna kill me.)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Gathering

has begun.

Snarkybytes started first. He hooked through Oklahoma City on his way to pick up Breda Fallacy and then spend a couple of days with the Atomic Nerds. They should show up at the gathering Thursday with beer!

Old_NFO is meeting me here today and we'll continue on to FarmGirls on Thursday.

Lucrative Pain is linking up with super secret guest and will be driving in on Thursday as well.

Snarktastic will be flying in and then being picked up Thursday.

Ambulance driver and spawn should be showing up around then too.

In fact for a blog meet that doesn't start till saturday, the party seems to be rolling in early. That's a win in my book.

LawDog and Phlegm Fatal hopefully will get in Saturday with a couple of others from the Texas Contingent.

Bayou Renaisaunce Man and Wing will be joining us via the wonders of the innertubez. Get well soon, ol' chap.

I'll post pics as I can. But don't be surprised if it's mostly girls asses.... :D