Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11th.

Thanks for serving. It's guys like us that allow hippies like them the freedom to spit on guys like us.

Also, did you know it's punch a hippie day too?


Old NFO said...

Thanks for your service Jim!

Crucis said...

Ditto. I was never spit on as best I remember. But, I did get the one-finger salute numerous times.

theotherjimmyolson said...

After I put away my tiny violin,send me your adress I'll come visit you and you can punch me if it will make you feel any better.I do remember seeing a vet spit on though.I believe it was in the first Rambo movie.Wait,,, that was a movie, maybe it didn't really happen. Who cares it fits our mindset,millions and millions of combat ready veterans set upon by dozens of effete draft dodging hippy civilians It's not hard to see why conservatives want to defund all remaining mental health facilities.