Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blogorado: Shooting Day One

Quick post. I'm beat and we're gonna do it all again tomorrow.


Today was a GOOD day. We started by gathering for breakfast and then sort of ambled over to Mamaw's place and launched from there.

Went straight to the range and after a couple of hours of final set up we buckled down to some of the really fun stuff. We had guns a plenty. In fact you could say we had a plethora of guns... and ammo.

I shot everything I could get my hands on, Old_NFO has some REALLY nice sniper rifles. We'd set up a half standard size target at 250 yards and people (Breda) were hitting it consistently. That's the equivalent of a 500 yard shot up an incline. Not an easy feat.

On a related side note, Breda may truly be the world's most dangerous librarian. You'll be innocently walking across an empty parking lot and BAM! Then from a long distance away you'll hear as the lights fade out, "2 weeks overdue"....

We blew up a couple of pounds of tannerite among other fun stuff. Then went back to mamaw's and had some of the best chicken fried steak EVAH!

It really was one of those days that you wish would never end. And we get to do it tomorrow!

Oh, I have pics of everyone I'll post them when I get a chance.

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Anonymous said...

Home safe. Had a blast! Getting some posts up; still trying to recall everything. It was really great to meet you!