Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Good Read

Okay, first off, I'm in an insomnia state of mind. It might be because of the downstairs neighbors stereo usage at 12:ohmygod30 in the ayem, but I've had it for a couple of days now.

Anyway, Anthony has another excellent post up on the RKBA, "You are the first and last line of defense".

This paragraph though is especially to the point.

When someone kills an innocent person who could not defend themselves because of a law the blood of that person is on the hands of the people who helped to pass it.

That says it all. Pelosi and Kennedy and Obama and both Clintons and even Bloomberg would take this right away and then bemoan the results, yet ultimately bear no guilt themselves. They are all fired to take the gun manufacturer to court for some critters act, how eager are they to go to court for the laws they create? I'm talking about their being sued in civil court for the results of their mandated defenselessness. How photogenic are they going to look standing opposite a women who's been raped and robbed because she lacked the means to even the field against her assailant? Or the child whose lost his mother, father and siblings to a home invasion turned murder because their means of protection was locked up, unloaded, and disassembled while the police were still minutes away?

Let's face it, the goblins aren't the "deep pockets" the civil liability attorneys are looking for. Those politicians are. The first time their bank accounts are threatened, their tune will change.

On second thought, they'd only enact liability limits.

Ha! How's that for a touchy-feely emotional appeal you liberals!

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