Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A celebration?

So, to celebrate the chosen ones enshrining canonization election I went to the range. I needed to redo the mechanical zero on my M-14 anyway. After that I went out to one of the gunshops I groupie frequent. My allen wrenches didn't fit the front sight set screw and I knew they would have ones that would. I ended up sitting in one corner of the shop and just watching the panic buying. There's no other way to describe it. I watched AR-15's come in, barely get entered into the books before they were out the door again. And there were only 3 of those. The display that usually had between 15 and 20 Glocks of all makes had 3. I watched people buy .223 by the thousand round cases. This went on from the the time I got there, even before, till the shop closed.

I was sort of awed at the spectacle.


Anthony said...

I would be awed as well, but I would not be surprised.

My first priority right now is to get a handgun and then get an AR-15. And if the fiance hasn't lost her mind with the gun buying at that point I am thinking of a .50-cal Beowulf.

We have to grab them before Obama and Biden do.

phlegmfatale said...


Yeah, it's majestic to witness power-shopping.

aepilot_jim said...

Anthony - Yeah, my priorities are reloading equipment for .45ACP and .308Win and then finish the AR. If I find a deal on an AK receiver I might pick one of those up this weekend too.

Phlemmy - LOL, I might have called it powerless shopping. The big things were any Glock mags that held more than 10, i.e. 17's and 19's and ammo. I guess people figure the mags will get banned and the ammo will get taxed out of existance.