Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's 10:45...

What are your neighbors doing? Mine? Glad you asked. They're in the middle of one of their weekly domestic disputes. Only this time she's banging on my door to use my phone to call the police her mom her friend. Tears flowing, screaming her boyfriend live in loser pulled a knife on her. But it gets better, there's alcohol involved. Then he's outside and it becomes a he said/she said fiasco. Improv theater, gotta love it.

I made sure she had somewhere else to go for the night (her mom's) and a way to get there (her car).

I so have to find another place to live. At least the last neighbors with the meth lab were quieter.


Old NFO said...

But just think Jim, YOU get reality TV up close and personal... :-)

Somerled said...

That's what happens to a compassionate Conservative, Jim. But the Obamacons want Americans to volunteer. You're volunteering--crisis counselor. Now apply for a monopoly-money grant.