Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Official Ahab/GunNuts:TNG Radio show drinking rules.

Okay, we've been doing this online for the show for a while now with no hard and fast rules to go by. So, to try to stave off the slew of alcohol poisonings that I know are coming here are the rules, such as they are and subject to additions as the BAC rises

  1. He changes hats - drink
  2. He mentions para, lda, or blackhawk serpa - drink
  3. He stands or sits - drink
  4. He gestures wildly - drink
  5. He talks about frangible bullets - drink
  6. Whenever he talks over the caller or guest - drink
  7. He asks breda something - 2 drinks
  8. He ambushes Breda with an unknown topic, you slam the rest of the drink
  9. But if you post drink to the chat room first, you don't have to drink and everyone else does.

Any additions?

Jennifer brings up a good point.

10. If you misspell "drink" - drink.

Edit: After the show, I think we need to define wild gesture better. A wild gesture will by any time his hand move outside of shoulder width apart. Must be both hands. Either seperate or together. I don't have enough alcohol otherwise.


Eseell said...

With just #4 you'll be drinking nearly constantly.

aepilot_jim said...

That's why you post drink to the chat room first Eseel.

Unknown said...

I predict many more typos in the chat room. Does 'dink' count?

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Don't think I have enough hooch in the house to play this game!

breda said...

I'll have to try to be more animated so there's a drinking game for when I'm on the webcam, too.

1. Cat shows up on camera - drink

2. Breda rolls her eyes - drink