Monday, June 8, 2009

The Official GunNuts:TNG Radio show drinking rules, Breda edition.

Since those hosts are getting sneaky on us and trading off hosting duties to try to foil our Tuesday night drunk. I'm going to now put up the rules for when the lovely Breda has the cam.

  1. If Breda says or types "ack", everybody drink.
  2. If she flips her hair, drink.
  3. If she uses lipgloss, drink.
  4. If she touches her sexay sexay librarian glasses, we drink... and drool a bit.
  5. If she drinks, we drink
  6. If one of her cats does a walk-on on the cam, we drink.
  7. If the cat sniffs or licks the cam, that's a slam.
  8. If she displays a gun that give us a case of firearm envy, we drink

That should do it. Oh, and if Mike dances around topless behind Breda, well you can do what you want, but I doubt we'll ever get that image out of our minds.


Old NFO said...

Good ones, only thing is I'd be drunk trying to do that with Scotch...

OrangeNeck said...

If Mike dances shirtless behind Breda, I'd have to slam the entire fifth of Johnnie Walker Black just to burn the image out of my brain.

Christina RN LMT said...

Don't forget to add: If Breda blushes, drink!