Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Day in the Life of and Nothing is Going Right.


Turns out the airplane doesn't have the long range tanks that we thought it did.   Which mean that half the planned legs were about 60 minutes too long.  Which wouldn't be a problem, except for the whole glider that used to be a jet thing.

The original plan became, Kolkata to Karachi, Pakistan. 3 hours clearing all the paperwork there, then flying on to Fajairah, an hour there. Then Luxor, Egypt.  Then Crete, and finally Luxembourg.  Worked out to about a dozen hours of flying and nearly 36 hours awake.  The weird bit is, since we were moving westward as fast as we could, Saturday April 14th, 2012 has lasted nearly 30 hours.

Tomorrow should see us and the airplane back in the states and over to the inspector for inspections, paint and repair.

So much fun, so little time.

Other things that have gone wrong with this trip.
I nearly lost my iPhone twice now.
The guy I'm flying the plane back lost his Indian Visa and ended up a day behind me.
Just about every airport we've stopped in has tried to delay us or throw us in jail.
Route clearances aren't, fuel releases haven't.
The winds have conspired against us to ensure the worst possible head winds
And tomorrow we go trans-Atlantic!

My eyes are so tired, the double images I'm seeing hurt.


Alan said...

Sounds like you need a day off. Or three.

Rev. Paul said...

What Alan said. Sounds like a royal pain.

Old NFO said...

Rest, it's what's for dinner... Stay safe and do the right thing!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Fly safe, take care of yourself.

Blue skies and tailwinds on the other side of sleep, my friend.

Julie said...

EEEkkk ... stay safe

Christina LMT said...

Get rest and be safe, Jim! (Basically, what everyone else has already said...)