Monday, January 7, 2013

Thinking again.

It can be a bad thing.

I haven't blogged much in the last months, and I've avoided politics like the plague it is. But I've decided to say this.

You may like it or not, agree with it or not. I've gone past caring.

I've looked at my politics, I've looked at the parties we have, I've looked at the Republican Party and it's current leadership. I've decided that the GOP is no longer a party that I can stomach anymore. The Republican Party is pretty much dead to conservatives. It's time to let that party fade into the irrelevance it seems to so want and create a new party that understands its constituents and what they want.

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Old NFO said...

Can't disagree... I registered independent for the first time this year... sigh

Laura said...

congratulations. independent thought FTW.

**i've never registered to a particular party. one of my parents is registered to a specific party, the other isn't. i guess you could say refusal to fit a stereotype runs in my family.

Ratus said...

To paraphrase Reagan “You didn’t leave the Republican Party. It left you.”

Matt G said...

I want to start an independent party which platform is thus:
"We are not the Republican Party."
"We are more conservative than the Democrats, and more fiscally conservative than the Republican Party."
"We decline to address God or sex in our policies."

Jay G said...

Welcome to the "Stay Off My Lawn" party, Jim...