Thursday, February 6, 2014

In regards to the previous post.(aka gratuitous gun pr0n)

If you embigginate the pic and look below the brass deflector and the back edge of the ejection port cover you can see the ambi side of the bolt release.  With this, a Norgon ambi-mag release and the ambi safety selector, it's about as ambidextrous as you can get an AR platform. All I've done so far is set the butt stock for comfortable fit and good eye relief on the scope.  The snow today is sort of slowing down any range trips.  I've also rough zeroed the scope and set the ballistics calculator for the flavor of .223 that I have the most of and plan to zero with.  Still haven't mounted the bipod yet. But that's coming.  Like I said, a very fast build for me, only a couple of weeks.

On a semi related note, Scribbler, a friend also in the DFW metroplex, had this to say about the weather.

The Sun is Shining
I can see Grass through the Snow
Classes are Cancelled

Which is an apt and completely unintentional haiku. He has titled it, "LOLTexas"

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Old NFO said...

Nice!!! ON both counts!!! :-)